about us

Our vision

We believe that conventional employment is not the only way: our vision is to help people channel their talents into alternative and rewarding work, which will help them live more balanced and fulfilling lives.

One of the ways we do this is by making freelancing an aspirational, respected and reputable way of working in South Africa.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide creative and IT freelancers with a forum in which they can showcase their talents and feel part of a community. This platform will help them to promote and hone their natural talent to help achieve flexibility, balance and fulfilment. We also aim to be the first place companies go to when looking for talent, by providing a convenient, highly credible, quality source of freelancers.

Our values

Happy and fulfilled

Freelancentral believes that people should find happiness, fulfillment and purpose in their work. We work for the good of freelancers and the companies that hire them.

Enthusiastic and positive

We believe work should make one happy and we cultivate an atmosphere of enthusiasm, fun and laughter.

Integrity and principles

We’re unpretentious and strive to serve our subscribers, members and users by being helpful, supportive, credible and flexible. Respect, consideration and professionalism are key to how we operate.

Freelancentral subscribes to a policy of open, honest and honourable integrity, backed by strong principles. We do not accept advertising, sponsorship or endorsements from ethically-questionable companies.

Ethical and aware

We encourage our subscribers, members, users and staff to follow our example of striving to be ethically-minded; to do what we can to minimise our impact on the environment; to appreciate and respect others; and to make the most of our talents to live our lives with purpose.

Who’s behind Freelancentral?

Freelancentral was started in late 2005 by Jo Duxbury, who has over a decade of experience in account handling in the industry. She spent 9 years working in both freelance and permanent positions in London where she missed Table Mountain, being able to get out of second gear in traffic, strangers who smile at each other and Dom Pedros.

On her return to Cape Town, Jo freelanced in advertising for about a year where she saw an opportunity to create an online directory of freelancers. She is a firm believer in balancing work with life and pursuing your passions and hopes that Freelancentral will help its members achieve these.

Contact her on


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