If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions (nice or 'constructive'), please


 "Just [wanted] to thank you for all the work I am getting through Freelancentral. It is going very well. With great clients and challenging work." – Wilma, designer, Gauteng


"My portfolio got me an excellent repeat business client in July 2009 and a few once off assignments."- Freelance writer, KwaZulu Natal


"The Freelancentral site is like Amazon for talent – you enter looking for support in one area, and get sidetracked by all the amazing talent on offer. My marketing and management consultancy is based in the Channel Islands – its long on cash, but short on people – perfect for the freelance model of project based work. The freelancers I have made contact with have been incredibly responsive and helpful – and most importantly, they have delivered excellent results for me. I love the time zone alignment and am not at all put off by the prospect of business trips south to meet the folk who support me!"  - Client, Channel Islands


"I would definitely recommend Freelancentral. There are many things to keep in mind with your online portfolio on Freelancentral:  1. I found that there were many months with very few enquiries, however when the enquiries turned into jobs, then it was very worthwhile. Since being on Freelancentral, I designed a book for an international big brand which was a brilliant fun project. I have also acquired a REGULAR client who sends me work often.  2. It also depends on what services you offer and what is required in the marketplace. Web design seems to be a popular need.  3. It is also VERY important to have a good portfolio set-up. Put some time and thought into it.   The staff at Freelancentral are great! If you ever need advice or to discuss your portfolio needs, Jo is very helpful and she really cares! (ask Jo for a portfolio crit). I would recommend giving it a try. Keep in mind that you may or may not receive many enquiries but it may be worthwhile for that 1 or 2 regular client that comes along. Hopefully many jobs will come your way!"  - Freelance designer, Gauteng

"Phew, long time no speak. I have been soo busy. Working nights and weekends. It has been really great and am so happy I made the decision to leave my permanent job and go freelance again. I would just like to thank you once again that I received most of my work through contacts I made through Freelancentral. I met up with the CEO of a branding company at an Unconference. I worked for him for three months and while there, two of the three pitches I designed won them the work. I also received work through a fellow Freelancentral member who subcontracted me to a client of hers because she was too busy to help them with a huge project. I have worked on really great and creative projects and have even dabbled in advertising and direct marketing - something I was hesitant to do in the past. Looking forward to next year. You will hear from me when work gets slow." - Freelance designer, Gauteng


"Thank you to the Freelancentral team for providing a truly great vehicle for freelancers to advertise themselves. The site is working really well for me now despite a fairly slow start. I have had several enquiries, some of which are potentially fantastic and long term new clients. Many of the enquiries I have had have also been for quotes upfront which is always a difficult thing to deal with as one never really knows the extent of work required so it is a bit of a shot in the dark. However, at least the contact was made and you are then able to follow up with later communication in the hope that something may come of the enquiry. Your site is also a valuable source of information. There is always something interesting to read or follow up on. Great work. I certainly intend renewing my registration on the site for as long as I am able to." - Design freelancer, Gauteng


"Work is picking up steadily. The majority of the work has been through using existing contacts. I haven't had very many enquiries from Freelancentral but the few that I have had have been very serious and two great jobs have come from them. I still think that it's so worth it having my profile with Freelancentral as it lends credibility to my freelancing, increases my exposure on the web especially when searching freelance design in cape town, and is a really nice support network...it's always nice to know that you're not alone and have a local portal filled with information and helpful suggestions. It's also really cool that Jo is so generous with advice about the industry....it's all helped immensely." - Design freelancer, Western Cape


"I am very impressed with Freelancentral. I have had a few jobs coming in thanks to your service. I can't keep up at the moment but all my clients seem to be very pleased. I will definitely be renewing my subscription before it expires. I have actually had a few of my friends add their portfolios online as well in the last month. Thank you very much for your support." - Design/production freelancer, W Cape


"There are many websites out there that claim to market their client's portfolios effectively. However, until I signed up with Freelancentral it was my experience that these claims were grossly exaggerated as the results I experienced were rather poor. However, within two weeks of signing up with Freelancentral with a full portfolio on display I picked up two excellent clients who are supplying me with regular assignments. As a result my cash flow has improved considerably and I am happier than I've been in years. I am now very optimistic that I can grow my client base even further and improve my income to a degree that I would never had thought possible if it wasn't for the effective marketing strategy employed by Freelancentral. Freelancentral are a well-organised and professional organisation that obtain the right results and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a vehicle to market their portfolio professionally and effectively." - Freelance writer, KZN


"Now that I have stopped kicking myself for being so lax about renewing - just wanted to let you know what fab leads & jobs I have been getting from Freelancentral since renewing my portfolio. A really nice quick turn around job that hopefully will lead to ongoing work, as well as a really cool publicity project. AND you know what happens, as soon as the ball starts rolling, you get these amazing opportunities elsewhere as well." - Freelance writer, W Cape 


"Already got one request after 1 day for a logo design... you guys are the BEST!!!" - Freelance designer, W Cape


"I have found clients look online for freelancers by clicking onto Freelancentral, and hence come across my name. This is how I have attained many freelance projects ­ which I am grateful for. It is this reason I have no intention of lapsing my membership with you."  - Freelance designer, Gauteng


"My Lite portfolio listing has worked very well for me so far. Initially, things were a bit quiet, but in recent months, a fair number of clients approached me directly via the Freelancentral site where they got my details from.  I still market myself directly to prospective clients, but hear from new (potential) clients via Freelancentral on at least a weekly basis now.  Thank you for the fantastic platform you and the rest of the Freelancentral team have established for all of us - it is such an encouraging & efficient tool with regard to freelancing. I just love my work (as I'm sure you do too) and being on Freelancentral has really contributed to my success significantly."  - Freelance writer, Gauteng

"If you are considering a career as a freelancer the very first thing you should do is sign up on Freelancentral. It has made my transition from salaried corporate creature to fancy-free freelancer almost entirely painless. I get a regular stream of inquiries from great clients, all of whom pay up on time :). Also the advice, tips and pointers that Jo has given me has avoided me bumping my head on many occasions. Set up your profile immediately - you won't look back!" - Freelance social media specialist

I think Freelancentral is a very useful tool for freelancers to get involved with. It's an easy way of getting you name out there and marketing yourself without having to do too much work. It's opened my eyes to a world of possibilities, and made things a little bit easier for me. The site was a great idea and has worked well for me. I will keep coming back every month for sure. - Freelance designer


The Freelancentral website is extremely easy to navigate and very informative. It is kept up to date with interesting snippets of industry news and the home page has a special section for new members which allows one to see at a glance who is populating the site. In my experience I have also found the customer care response exemplary. Always personal and on time with answers. Great site! Thank you. - Freelance producer


I'm really excited to have found your site, and look forward to seeing how my listing does. I'll definitely be using it to promote my services, and will advise of my progress. I'm also going to let several friends who are freelancers know about Freelancentral. - Freelance writer


I have been on Freelancentral for about 2 years now. I have had great success from Freelancentral - almost 80% of my client base found me on the site. I believe it to be very worthwhile. Just last week I received 5 new calls from new clients that have seen my work on the site. I have been doing work one company through Freelancentral for about 1 year and 8 months and now have a monthly retainer with them. I'm now also looking to possibly get some more contractors to help me. - Freelance web designer/developer


I just had another 2 request for flash sites. Freelancentral is working great for me. Thank you - I'm going to be very busy! - Freelance web designer/developer


I'm in the process of launching myself as a freelance copywriter and I've just been looking at Freelancentral for inspiration. It really is a brilliant website - and I've yet to spot a typo! It's user-friendly, well written, has a clean, clear design and all the links actually work! I'm mighty impressed. - Freelance writer


Got to hear about your website via an advertorial in the The Star (21.02.08) via the IOL website today. We think your website is an absolutely fabulous tool - easy to navigate with all the necessary info at our fingertips. THANK YOU! - Government client


I have already sent my [portfolio] link to a few colleagues and potential clients and I'm getting such a positive response. I can't thank you enough! So happy you have no idea! And I'm on the front page today! Great stuff and great start to my weekend and lots of fabulous future opportunities. I will be in touch about updates and your critique as I think that would be well worth a look at. - Freelance designer


I would definitely recommend joining up. I have gotten a lot of interest from potential clients and it has totally been worth the fee. Jo, the lady who runs Freelancentral is also really helpful and a pleasure to work with. - Freelance designer


Thanks so much for your advice and help - I REALLY appreciate it! - Freelance designer


Just wanted to let u know that i used freelancentral recently to find someone to design some dvd covers for a documentary we recently produced. we had a really good experience all round. nice one! - Film industry client


The last 3 months went very well, I had an overwhelming amount of queries from my portfolio on Freelancentral. I was a bit sceptical in the beginning, as it really was dead, but I am extremely impressed with the last couple of months' responses, so well done!! - Freelance designer / photographer


Just got another enquiry from Freelancentral :-) - Freelance PR consultant


So, Freelancentral does not only offer services, it serves as inspiration too! :) - Freelance designer


Thanks, Jo. As always, you are an absolute star. Freelancentral really is the best place to have a portfolio up. I joined [another freelance website] a few months ago - and I still get 100% of my work from your site. I have started copywriting for packaging designers - and am also busy working on a website for a new child development product. So things are chugging along nicely. Keep up the good work on your end, Jo! - Freelance writer / editor


I have been using freelancentral.co.za with great success. Great site! - Client


I'm pleased to hear that Freelancentral is going from strength to strength, but I'm not surprised. The concept is strong and you are obviously working hard at it. - Freelance writer


I think that Freelancentral is a wonderful initiative and there is great scope for it. - Freelance writer


Jo, you're a star in a bra. Thanks so much for all your help. - Freelance editor/proofreader


I have always received very good candidates from Freelancentral for the job and that's made my job easier by hiring quickly and accurately. - Retail client


Jo, thanks for the wonderful service in terms of helping me with my profile. - Freelance writer


Thank you very much Jo, really appreciate you taking the time to do this [portfolio critique]. I will get on it as quickly as Eishkom allows me to. LOL! - Freelance graphic and web designer



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