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Designer going on maternity leave? Won a big pitch and need extra resources? Don't have in-house creatives or marketing staff but have some projects you need done? No time to search through our Portfolios - or not quite sure what sort of freelancers you need?

You've come to the right place. Freelancentral Placements can help. We have a database of over 6,700 freelancers to draw from we offer a professional service encompassing:

  • clarifying your brief and advertising it to our database (and on industry websites if required)
  • screening the responses and shortlisting appropriate freelancers
  • arranging interviews and checking at least two references for your most preferred candidates
  • negotiating day/week/month rates or per project fees
  • putting comprehensive contracts in place to ensure everyone's interests are protected.

Please note that we reserve the right not to publish your advertisement on this site and make no guarantee that a suitable freelancer will respond.

how to submit a placement brief

, covering the points below and we'll call you to confirm your requirements, before contacting appropriate freelancers.

Your brief should include the following information:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Summary of your requirements
    • What the project entails
    • What content/information is available to work with
    • The skills the freelancer must have - e.g. illustration, web writing
    • What software the freelancer should use (if relevant)
  • The duration of the project and its deadlines, including a closing date for responses
  • Desired location of freelancer (your premises or work from home)
  • Any special requirements - e.g. night shift work.
  • Your budget (please provide this, even if it is a range, e.g. R5-8,000, as this helps filter out inappropriate candidates).

Adverts will remain on the site for one month or until a suitable freelancer is found, whichever happens sooner.

what it costs

  • Day/hourly rates: A working day is considered to be 7.5 productive hours (add an unpaid hour for lunch for a normal working day. Hours worked over this during the week, plus work on weekends and public holidays are charged at an overtime rate of time plus 25%.
  • Monthly rates: For longer-term placements there is more leverage to negotiate a discount on a freelancer's rate. We recommend you allow for the salary that you would pay an in-house person to do the job plus 30%.
  • Project fees: To be negotiated according to the brief, size of project and freelancer's experience.
  • Freelancentral charges a 20% finder's and administration fee on all Placements.
  • The guideline rates below have been compiled after our 2013 Rates Survey, assessing the rates charged by Freelancentral's Full and Lite portfolio members, and speaking to numerous SA freelancers. The rates exclude Freelancentral's finder's fee:

Level and years' experience

Hourly rate

Daily rate

Junior (0-3 yrs)



Middleweight (3-7 yrs)



Senior (7-12 yrs)



Heavyweight (12+ yrs)




  • These rates are guidelines only and may vary according to the freelancers’ experience, location and discretion.
  • Rates should correspond with the number of years’ experience a freelancer has. For example, a middleweight freelancer with just over 3 years’ experience should charge around R350/hour, while a middleweight freelancer with nearly 7 years’ experience should charge around R500/hour.
  • Specialist expertise can command rates in the upper ends of the levels (possibly even higher for very niche work). For example, copywriters with specialist expertise in the financial or medical industries can charge higher rates, as can proofreaders who specialise in annual reports.
  • Daily rates above are guidelines based on working for ONE day, from 9am to 5.30pm with an hour off for lunch. Clients can expect to negotiate discounts of up to 20% (max) for longer term contracts (e.g. 3 months’ or more, full time).

Payment terms and other conditions and obligations are laid out in the service agreement and freelancer contract that the client and freelancer will be obliged to sign respectively.


Clients, we’d advise you to be a little wary of freelancers whose rates fall outside these guideline ranges. If their fees are too low, question why this is and what value they are bringing – you’ll get what you pay for and may well get your fingers burnt. And if a freelancer is charging way higher than our guidelines, you need to be assured that they are offering something unique, which will really add value to your project. 

For more information, contact Freelancentral .


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