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How it works
If you're looking for a freelancer...
If you're a freelancer looking for work...

If you’re a freelancer looking for work…

There are three levels of membership:

- Register for our database for FREE. Your listing won't appear on our site, but you will receive our newsletters (unless you unsubscribe from them), be invited to our events and we may approach you for Placements.

- a LITE portfolio, which for R85.50 per month lets you upload one example of your work (as a 80 x 80 pixel JPEG, TIF or BMP) which you can change this as often as you like); includes your phone number and email address; and your full rate card of services. You can also see how many times your Lite portfolio has been viewed.

- Or you can subscribe and apply for a FULL Freelancentral portfolio, which offers you up to 5MB of space to upload your work (including images as well as downloadable PDFs and Word documents); includes all your contact info, including a link to your own website if you have one; and detailed information about your career history and work philosophy. This costs R285 per month.

All members can see our Placements advertisements, listed in the LATEST NEWS area on the home page, and may apply for them.

** PLEASE NOTE: Freelancentral is not a project bidding site. We simply provide a place for freelancers to promote themselves. We believe that cost should not be main driver when it comes to choosing a freelancer. **

** NOTE ALSO: We are not a job listing site. We are simply an online directory on which freelancers can promote their work - and clients can find all the freelancers they need in one place. We do from time to time advertise Placements but these are infrequent. **

How to get a Lite/Full portfolio

Log in to the site and using the left hand menu, make sure you have added at least one service to your portfolio. We also recommend you upload an image to your gallery (click MANAGE MY PORTFOLIO to do this). Then select the type of portfolio (Lite or Full - please read the READ THIS FIRST information to ensure you understand the difference between these). Lite and Full portfolios can be bought on a month-by-month basis. You can then pay by EFT.


Quality is of great importance to us, so we encourage all our freelancers to submit references via their online portfolios. We check references for our Lite and Full members once their listings are live. Clients browsing Full portfolios can see how many references (number only; feedback is currently confidential) we have aproved for that freelancer. Clients can also submit a feedback form on any of our portfolio members by clicking on the blue speech bubble by the freelancers' contact details.

What it costs

- Lite portfolios cost R85.50/month, payable in advance.

- Full portfolios cost R285/month, payable in advance.

If, while you are a Lite member, you want to upgrade to a Full portfolio, you are welcome to do so at any time. It's a great way to boost your visibility if e.g. you have a contract that's coming to an end and want to line something else up. We will credit you for your Lite fee for any period of overlap, at the end of your Lite term. This credit can be cash in your bank account or used against your next portfolio purchase.

Marketing you

Best of all, you don’t need to worry about marketing yourself. Freelancentral is marketed in ADvantage, on industry websites, to marketing and advertising agencies as well as to corporates and small businesses via a comprehensive marketing plan. All Full portfolio members appear in rotation as Freelancer of the Day profile on our home page and each month sees a number of freelancers profiled in the Freelancentral newsletter.

Our vision for Freelancentral is that of a community of freelancers - and we encourage you to participate in this. Send us your thoughts, suggestions and articles for publication on the site.


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