16.04.14  A happy freelancer  |  We were thrilled to get this note from one of our Full portfolio members this week:

"Just [wanted] to thank you for all the work I am getting through Freelancentral. It is going very well. With great clients and challenging work." – Wilma Lensink, designer, Gauteng.


14.04.14  Five one-hour routines that will improve your life as a freelancer  |  Your clients are important but at the end of the day, you need to pay attention to yourself. Allocating time to create your own platforms and products will help to enhance you as a freelancer.

Find out how at Lifehacker.


11.04.14  4 qualities every well-branded freelance writer has  |  What does it mean to have a personal brand? And how do you go about building one?

Check out this article at Content Standard to help you discover what your personal brand is all about.


08.04.14  Forget the café! Freelancers use bars as office space  |  There's been an increase in New York City bars opening during the day – offering drink specials, full menus, free Wi-Fi and lots of space for freelancers. But for most of the self-employed, the large number of alcoholic options is an afterthought.

Read more at New York Post.


03.04.14  Going back to basics II: The anatomy of an invoice (includes free template)  |  Last month we looked at what goes into a solid cost estimate. And assuming you get those estimates accepted, you’re going to need to invoice your clients. So this month we’re looking at what the perfect invoice should look like.

This is the second in a series of all the things you need to get right when you’re starting out freelancing. We hope these articles might well be helpful for you more seasoned ‘lancers too.

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